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5 Things (1)

Just a couple of things that I come across and thought that I should share it with my flowers 🙂
But first, ice breaker.
The other day when one of our neighbours sneezed and proceeded to say,
“excuse me…”
Because I was home alone I did what should have been done if you were in my shoes… I loudly responded,
I can only imagine what he thought of me at that particular time..
#theworlddoncare #noblessingsforme? #Whattha?? #Whointheworldrespondslikethat? #whatislife?
But for real though.. This did happen.Anyways,
5 things.
1. In the evenings, I walk up to The Junction mall and marvel the beauty of the Christmas decor that has already been put up both outside and inside aaaand on the trees as well..! Eeeeeck!
The plan was to actually take a picture and post it here but,
a)The security guards were looking at me funny and I wanted a shot from where they were standing. (Also, I wasn’t to sure how I would have taken the outside view as well.)
b)I didn’t have a professional camera that would justify me taking a photo (Refer to point ‘a’ Making me look all professional and working for a media house kinder thing.)
c)I do not in any slightest way possible look like a tourist.
d)Last I checked.. I am not white either. (and yes, refer to point ‘c’ as well)
However, the view is spectacular! It gives you all the feels… I mean, all the nice Jingle bells.. Mary did you know… The first Noel… Oh come Emmanuel.. Christmas feels at that particular time. All it needs now is its own cloud that makes it snow only at the Junction…
2. Adele’s new song, ‘Hello.’
 Weeeeeh! I can’t okay… This song is so beautiful and I feel like she takes us on a journey with her in this song.
Yup.. A combination of shivers and goose pimples is what this song gives me. Honestly, I thought I was emotionally stable but yoooh!
I wasn’t ready…
Also, for the record, guys have already began creating related memes and videos related to this song…like this one here.

For the following videos;
excuse the french being used in certain points of the videos…but I think she (Daysha) has a way of putting her thoughts across and has enough guts to say what most would like to say but can’t.



We do not have to be that girl. You are you and you are not meant to be anyone else but you.
You are no mistake.
Doi you
5. Lastly,

“You say I don’t know that I am beautiful, but… what if I did?”


I hope that the 5 things that I thought I should share were insightful.
Tharis-all for now 🙂
Have a wonderful time in the world flowers.



1, 2 & 3.  Google

1. Adele’s ‘Hello’ -YouTube 
2. Buzz Feed Yellow YouTube channel.
Thank you Daysha for your wonderful pieces.



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