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The Norm

I sat on my specs and they bent pretty badly.
(Haha what a way to start a story huh?)
So yeah… This happened and luckily I had a spare pair of specs in my house that I could use in the mean time.
The first time I put them on, I forgot that, one of the reasons as to why I changed them, other than the subscription ending, was, one lens, had scratches so bad to the point where, when I used to put them on in the beginning, I would constantly bat that side of my eye. It was as though my eye had matong’o.(This is when your eyes have drool. Hehe. I don’t really know the English name for this. Wait, is there an English name for that shtuffs? Let me know if there is.)
So yeah… The first few days I used to rub my eye, bat it, clean my specs trying to maybe see if that could even help it even kidogo.
I couldn’t take it any longer.
One day, I carried my bent specs to the Optica outlet where I got them, and they managed to  straightened them for me.
I immediately wore them and maaan! I felt like a new person. Really.
I realized, after some days went by, wearing my old specs, the things that used to bother me at first, for some reason, I got used to them.
The batting, rubbing and cleaning my specs.
All this things were so natural for me to do. It became the norm. To the point where this reality hit me when, my headache stopped and realized that I-was-actually-straining.
I concluded how easy it is for us to get used to something and making it our normal to the point where you can’t see that something-is-definitely-wrong with that thing.
Isn’t that scary? That scared me and pointed out how we are such creatures of habit.
The abnormal slowly sips into being normal.
The norm.
I definitely have a lot to say about this but, this is what my parting short will be;
There are things in your life that seem normal but they are hurting you and you CAN do something about it. FIX IT. CHANGE IT.
If its hurting you and you cannot fix it. GET HELP.




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4 thoughts on “The Norm

  1. Hi…very nice piece.
    So the English word you were looking for the crusty eye discharge in the morning is gound or rheum…also known as sleep dust….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeeeeees I do recall ‘sleep dust’ but ‘gound?’ Or ‘rheum?’ I would not have guessed that. Thank you kind sir for sharing your wisdom


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