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Spiced Chicken in Tomato and Honey Sauce

Laidayyyyyyzzzzzzz! Feeeellllaaaaaz!
Hey.. I hope that you have been keeping yourself well.
By the title of the blog you can already tell that we.. yes, I.. have a recipe install for you.
Mbuutt first,
Disclaimer.. Disclaimer..
1.) I am not a food blogger or a wanna be food blogger. So the photos will not be huko the best.
2.) After reading Kaluhi’s recipe , I got some other motivation over there. Conveniently, I had chicken in my fridge buuut, did I have pineapple? Nope. Cajun spice? Nope.
So this recipe is me wanting to make BOM chicken but huko trying to improvise with what I have because, life! We make due.
3.) Ask me if I took step by step snaps of the whole process? No. No sir/maam I did not.
I got so caught up in the cooking mpaka I forgot.
Forgive me?…. Not yet?… Okay hopefully you will by the end of this recipe.
So, let’s get to it.

-Pieces Chicken (cut. Not a full one bwana)
-Vegetable oil

The Daily Crisp

-Mixed spices
-Dhana Jeera
-Soy Sauce


Step 1:
With my little wanna be cooking knowledge, I have seen that its best to let most meats marinade over night.
So marinade they want? Marinade they get. (Also, who is they?)
After defrosting the chicken the whole day, I washed it with vinegar and I marinaded it that night with the following stuffs:
-Mixed Spice
-Soy sauce
proceeded to rub on that feller making sure that all the stuffs are distributed evenly. Put it in a container that has a lid and let it sit all through the night (over night should suffice) well, and day because tuko works mzeiya!

Step 2:
Put the marinaded chicken in a sufuria, add salt and water up to the level where the chicken is (not to drown it in water please) and boil until most of the water evaporates.

Step 3:
While the boiling is happening,
-In a sufuria, put oil and onions to cook
-A few minutes, add garlic, stir and let them cook to the point where the onions look translucent.
-Add about 1/4 cup of ketchup, dhana jeera, Paprika, Mixed spice, Cayenne,Ginger, 1/2 a table spoon of sugar.
-Add some water to create a paste, stir until everything combines and cover for about 5 min.
-Add about 2 tablespoons of honey. Stir.
-Taste the sauce and see if there is something that you may need to add to the sauce.
-Reduce the heat to let it thicken.

Step 4:
-Heat oil in a deep pan
-when the oil is hot, put in pieces of chicken (that can fit the pan but also gives you room to turn the chicken) and let it fry for about 4 mins on each side and place it on a plate/bowl that has been lined with serviettes.

Step 5:
-Heat your sauce for a bit until it boils.
-Put all the pieces of chicken in your awesome sauce and use a mwiko to turn the pieces of chicken making sure that they are all coated.

You can serve this meal with Fries, Roasted potatoes, Rice, Sauted greens or by themselves mbicoz DAMN!

Thank you Kaluhi for your blog and your recipes. Very practical and quite detailed.

Happy finger licking friends!

Mc Fry’s for who?


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